Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WORLDCOMP: World’s Biggest Bogus Conference is Back Again

WORLDCOMP: World’s Biggest Bogus Conference is Back Again

An in-depth investigation on the world’s biggest fake conference, WORLDCOMP organized by the University of Georgia (USA) computer science Professor, Hamid Arabnia  The investigation concluded that Hamid Arabnia made TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars by cheating the researchers using the bogus conference WORLDCOMP. He run this scam for more than a decade, he accepted and published fake research papers, he brought “paid keynote speakers” as baits, his program committee members never reviewed papers, etc. The website(s) has open challenge to WORLDCOMP and Hamid Arabnia.

Visit the following links to see comments from some researchers on WORLDCOMP: and also the first comment written by Prof.Reda Alhajj. written by Joanna Carpenter.

or search the internet using the words worldcomp fake or Hamid Arabnia fake or worldcomp bogus or Hamid Arabnia bogus or Hamid Arabnia scam or any suitable keywords.

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